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SINGAPORE: Aquator Marine is proud to announce the launch of our new Payroll feature, seamlessly integrated into our Crew Management module. This latest enhancement is designed to streamline the payroll process for yacht managers and administrators, offering a tool to manage crew compensation.

The new Payroll feature allows managers and admin users to input essential information related to the payroll of each crew member, including details specified in their Seafarer Employment Agreements (SEA).

By incorporating all necessary data, our platform can automatically generate detailed payslips each month, taking into account any required benefits or deductions for every crew member. This process ensures a transparent and error-free payroll operation, vital for the smooth functioning of a yacht and its crew.

Key Features of the Payroll Solution include:

  • Integration with Crew Management and User Profiles: Ensures that payroll operations are seamlessly connected with other crew management functions, providing a holistic view of each crew member's employment and financial details.

  • Automatic Payslip Generation: Monthly payslips are generated automatically, reflecting accurate calculations of earnings, benefits, and deductions, thus minimizing manual errors and administrative workload.

  • Comprehensive Record Keeping: Generated payslips are stored securely within the system, allowing crew members to access their payslip history and enabling efficient company record-keeping.

  • Third-party Payment Processing: Payslips can be easily sent to any third-party payment processor, facilitating the smooth transfer of funds to crew members’ accounts.

The Payroll feature is designed not only to simplify payroll administration but also to enhance the overall management of yacht crews by providing a transparent, accurate, and efficient tool for financial transactions and record-keeping.

This addition to Aquator Marine’s suite of yachting solutions underscores the company’s dedication to addressing the specific needs of the yachting industry through technology. By continuously enhancing its software offerings, Aquator Marine aims to empower yacht managers and administrators to achieve operational excellence.

For more information about Aquator Marine’s Payroll feature or to schedule a demonstration, please visit Aquator Marine’s website.

We're excited to simplify Yacht Management for everyone, through our software, education, and community.

Team Aquator


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