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At Aquator Marine, we've meticulously designed a platform that encapsulates yacht management, crew coordination, financial oversight, refits, and the daily operational nuances of yachts.


While each module excels independently, together they create a harmonious ecosystem, revolutionizing the yachting experience.


We understand the importance of firsthand experience. That’s why we are offering two distinct opportunities to engage with our platform:


Demo Account Access - We provide login credentials for a full demo account, enabling your team to explore our platform's breadth and depth at your own pace.


Guided Online Demonstrations - Our experts will conduct interactive online sessions to walk your team through the multifaceted features, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of our software's prowess.


Our aspiration is to let the your team not just see, but truly experience, the transformative capabilities we bring to the table.

Fleet Management

Yacht Management 

Yacht Planner

In/Out Board 

Yacht Maintenance 


Yacht Management Software

Equipment & Invent...

Refit Management 

New Build Management 

Crew Management

Charter Management



Smart Documents


Passage Planning


Safety At Sea

File Manager

Contact Management


Don't Just Take Our Word For It


See for yourself how Aquator's platform can meet your unique challenges, needs, and requirements. 

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Interactive Demo



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