Project Management

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Upload them, store them, sign them and share them

With 2GB worth of safe and secure digital vaults meeting ISO 9001 standards, save and share important contracts and agreements during business transactions.


Agile management software built for your team

Aquator helps you plan, organize and manage agile projects in a tool that's as flexible and collaborative as your team. 

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Why Use Scrum Boards?

Plot out workflows

Create a clear process and make sure tasks move through each stage.

Easily spot bottlenecks

Then optimize your workflow to help your team work faster.

Know where work stands

Visual cues help team members know if a task is ready to do or already done.

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Timelines like they are meant to be

Map out project plans on a timeline so you can see the relationship between tasks and keep work on track—even when plans change.


Why do you need it?

Managing projects is hard work if work is spread across too many tools. So use one tool to organize projects, make communication easy and meet deadlines.

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Write it all down!

Write down all project plans on our convenient word processor and never forget any tasks or important details.


Take all your documents with you

Have editable and shareable PDFs saved on Aquator's cloud securely. Access them and annotate on the go using your mobile phone.

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