Change Log

August 2021


  • Added Fuel Management to Passage Planning

  • Added Currencies to Finance Report

  • Integrated Aquator Affiliate Program


  • Upgraded drop downs and colour themes

  • Updated registration page

  • Improved User Settings


  • Basic & Premium Access levels fixed

  • Mobile app registration fixed

July 2021


  • Added currencies to finance features

  • Added receipt download in account profile

  • Incorporated first day of week in calendar setting

  • Incorporated timezone in calendar setting

  • Incorporated day start in calendar setting


  • Upgraded title, lay out and colour themes

  • Updated dashboard design

  • Update text column in provisioning

  • Card alignments in profiles


  • Fixed notes and dustbin icons

  • Download function in file manager

June 2021


  • Additional account access options via Google

        & Facebook log in

  • Account access level controls in user setting for admin user

  • Receipt information added to account profile

  • New action buttons added to column settings

  • Provisioning & Finance, chart default updated


  • Updated dark mode in theme customizer

  • Title and icon design and colour upgrades

  • Action Buttons design upgrade

  • Provisioning - Budget & Expense Report data & graphs improvements

  • Finance - Budget & Expense Report data & graphs improvements 


  • Number formats in finance and provisioning fixed

  • File manager – documents upload fixed

May 2021


  • Notification emails are sent quicker during the onboarding process.

  • Loading time of pages reduced across the application.

  • Confirmation messages introduced under Profile.

  • Profile Card designs and layout upgraded under Home. 

  • Tutorial videos added to the Help Centre.


  • Delete button added to Personal Settings. 

  • Profile is now accessible via the Home section.

  • Twitter and LinkedIn links save under Yacht Settings. 

  • Mobile upload feature upgraded under Media Player. 

  • Autosave feature brought to Task Manager. 

  • Appearance of Data Grids improved under Project Management.


  • Add Note button functionality fixed. 

  • Delayed Product Tour messages issue fixed.

  • Access levels under Admin Console upgraded. 

April 2021


  • Auto save feature added across all Data Grids of the application.

  • Emoji functionality added to Chat.

  • Display of information on Yacht Maintenance improved. 

  • Video upload feature added to Media Player. 


  • Task Manager upgraded under Yacht Management.

  • Dark Mode added across all Pivot Tables of the application.

  • Calendar updated under Yacht Management.

  • File Manager updated under Documentation & Reporting.

  • Back end code optimized for Navigation fields. 

  • Billing Profile added for Admin Users.


  • Search functionality improved under Admin Console.

  • List items added under Provisioning.

  • File Manager folder structure updated.

  • Employment issue fixed under Personal Settings.

March 2021


  • Project Progress released for pro users.

  • PDF & Excel Export functionality added for all Data Grids.

  • Yacht Settings and Personal Settings updated under the Admin Console.

  • Column add/edit/delete feature added across every Data Grid under Project Management. 

  • Image Upload feature upgraded under Gallery. 


  • Scrum Board feature upgraded under Project Management.

  • Crew Scheduler updated under Crew Management.

  • Dark Mode improved across all Data Grids under Crew Management.

  • Chat upgraded under Yacht Management.

  • Fields updated under Yacht Settings.

  • User Access Levels upgraded in Admin Console.


  • Media Player upgraded under Yacht Profile.

  • Calendar updated under Yacht Management.

  • In-line editing features added across Admin Console.

  • Dark Mode update in Theme Customizer.

February 2021


  • Dashboard layout upgraded for all users.

  • Yacht Specifications updated under Yacht Profile.

  • Dark Mode updated under Theme Settings.

  • Data Grids updated under Safety at Sea.


  • Media Player updated under Yacht Profile.

  • File Manager updated under Project Management and Personal Settings.

  • Yacht Profile and Personal Profile cover pictures upgraded.

  • Additional fields of information added to Crew Profile.

  • Notes column added to First Aid Supplies.


  • Yacht Settings error message fixed.

  • Personal Settings error message fixed.

  • Sync to Calendar function added to Data Grids of Yacht Maintenance. 

January 2021


  • In-line editing features introduced across Admin Console.

  • Sync to Calendar option added across all Data Grids.

  • Upload Attachment feature added  to rows across all Data Grids.


  • Personal Settings updated in Admin Console.

  • Notes upgraded under Personal Settings.

  • Dashboard updated  under Yacht Profile.

  • Pivot Table updated under Project Management.

  • Personal Profile updated.


  • Media Player upgraded under Yacht Profile.

  • Gallery upgraded under Yacht Profile.

December 2020


  • Pivot Tables upgraded across Project Management.

  • Pivot Tables upgraded found in Provisioning.

  • Pivot Tables upgraded under Finance.


  • Maintenance Manager upgraded.

  • Power Usage Log upgraded.

  • Admin Console upgraded to reflect differences in access levels across users.

  • Data Grids upgraded under Safety at Sea


  • Time Off card updated on Personal Profile.

  • Social Links activated on Yacht Profile.

November 2020


  • Notifications updated for Chat function.

  • Registration Address added to Yacht Settings.

  • Emergency Contact added to Personal Settings.

  • Time Off card added to Personal Settings.

  • Billing Profile added for Admin Users.


  • Notes column added to User Settings.

  • Employment and Training fields added to Personal Settings.

  • Invite Users option added under Subscription.

  • Social links activated in Personal Profile.


  • Typography changed on Radio Schedule, Watch System and Watch System Log.

  • Order of the columns updated under Passage Log and Passage Usage Log.

October 2020


  • Gallery updated with option to add and remove images.

  • Data Grids updated with custom formatting functionality.


  • Data Grids updated across Passage Planning.

  • User permissions updated under User Settings.

  • Scrum Board functionality updated under Project Management.

  • Theme Customizer upgraded with Dark Mode.


  • Account login glitch fixed.