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Crew Management

Yacht Crew Profiles


Know your crew, in and out 

Crew profiles make life simple for admin to keep track of personnel. All relevant information regarding crew is securely saved in an organized manner on the cloud.

Crew Profiles 

A comprehensive database to store vital information relating to crew





Work like never before

Task management and allocation made a hassle - free experience using beautifully designed scrum boards.


Communicate, Collaborate, Create

Instant connections, powerful networking and communicating efficiently with both internal and external parties


Know when and where work happens

View all of your team’s work using the Aquator scheduler — so you know who’s doing what exactly and you hit your deadlines every time.

Yacht Crew Profiles
Yacht Crew Profiles

Coordinate Across Crew

Ideal for yachts

with crew

Manage you crew budget

Share critical data & documents

Wealth of experience

and support

  • At the completion of the database build, the crew can find information on the maintenance of all critical and major equipment within the application and thus ensure that the yacht is in excellent condition.

  • Information provided to the crew includes technical information, locations, engineer’s comments, planned maintenance, service history and more. 

  • With little or no training, the user will be able to navigate through the application and obtain the information about any component within the system.

  • It greatly reduces the administrative burden so the crew can focus on providing safe and exceptional service. 

  • Aquator makes day-to-day yacht operations seamless, allowing crews to use their time wisely and owners and captains to enjoy greater consistency of service. 

  • Track progress, manage resources and control costs of yacht projects using our highly effective project management tool.

  • Complete project tasks, meet deadlines and track project budget through projected costs and actual costs.

  • Upload project related documents including contractor reports, invoices, quotations and add images of important project milestones in your project gallery.

Aquator is the easiest way for crew to…

Upload pictures and related documents such as medical reports or certifications and track arrival and departure dates of crew members.

Aquator provides an easy overview of each crew member and ensures that expired licenses, passports or visas do not endanger cruising plans.

Streamline recurring process

For processes you repeat, like new crew onboarding, create a template to use every time—and save time.

Centralise information


Keep everything from crew requests in Aquator to keeping your crew aligned.

Coordinate across crew

Manage crew contacts, documents and projects to keep everyone in the loop.

Stay on top of crew workflows 
From tracking candidates to onboarding new hires, we help you to manage all of their workflows and projects.

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