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SMS Documents

Our innovative tool eliminates the need for physical printouts of checklists, documents, or forms, effectively revolutionizing the way safety management operates onboard yachts.


At its core, the SMS, powered by Smart Documents, houses several integral features, all tailored to simplify and streamline your document management process:

Dashboard This hub provides a panoramic view of all ongoing document activities, allowing you to monitor progress and identify bottlenecks effectively.

Editor A robust tool that allows for the creation and alteration of any digital document as per your unique requirements. You can generate documents from scratch or modify existing templates to meet specific needs.

Index This user-friendly navigation feature ensures quick access to your stored documents, saving you the hassle of sifting through endless folders and files.

Library This feature emulates a well-organized physical library, allowing you to upload and store crucial PDF documents, but without the associated clutter and space limitations.

Templates This tool facilitates the creation of reusable digital templates, drastically reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks. Any modifications made to these templates are diligently tracked in revision control.

Documents This repository neatly stores all completed templates, logging essential details such as categories and statuses. It offers a concise and organized summary of your SMS activities, thereby simplifying audits and record-keeping.

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Drill Matrix

Our Drill Matrix allows management and crew to have an overview of the drills for the upcoming year. You can color-code your drills and set a frequency for the year, all in an easy-to-use Matrix.

Drill Reports


We also have the ability to generate digital drill reports for every drill that is performed onboard.


Ability to quickly print or export any drill report output to PDF, Excel, or HTML formats.

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Certificate Tracking

Monitor which crew and vessel certificates are close to expiry with a color-coded system and yearly overview of all certificates.




Save all certificates in one place for ease of viewing and reference.

Any device


Leverage the powerful mobile app responsiveness engine and get a snapshot of all your certificates on any device.

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Hours of Work & Rest

Use a familiar layout to log and edit your Hours of Work & Rest. Get the most out of your user experience by having an overview of all your crew's sheets.



Fully compliant with MLC standards, you will get notified if your day is compliant, or non-compliant. If your last 24 hours are non-compliant, we provide notifications alerting you to why the day is non-compliant.




Create templates in 7-day blocks, to enter your Hours of Work & Rest efficiently and effectively.

Yacht ISM Compliance



  • At Aquator we pride ourselves on our industry wide knowledge and expertise in developing the most advanced and efficient software for the yachting industry.

  • We take real life problems and solve them with software and automation to make your life onboard seamless.


  • Replicating and conforming to certain Flag State's DoC, we are often and always innovating and improving our ISM Product.





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  • SMS Forms

  • Drill Matrix

  • Certificate Tracking

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