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Nothing's more important than maintenance

Know that critical maintenance will not be missed with reminders and alerts. 

Yacht Maintenance

Maintenance Workflow Management Software For Yachts

Aquator provides the ability to schedule and record the maintenance of all assets of the yacht.

Worklists can be created and monitored, full service histories can be maintained, details of unplanned maintenance can be recorded and an overview of scheduled maintenance is readily available, ensuring that regular maintenance activities are not overlooked.

Turn your knowledge into actions 

Stop solving the same problems over and over. Set up common projects as templates so you can develop and adapt consistent processes and best practices.

Make well informed decisions

Keep an eye on goals, projects and workloads. Ensure your crew knows what’s working and what isn’t and everyone’s rowing in the same direction.

Set up processes everyone can rely on 

Automate manual tasks so teams don’t have to think about them. Streamline processes and reduce the errors and busywork that delay projects

Solutions for important workflows

From automating everyday tasks to making sure critical projects run smoothly, see how Aquator helps you keep operations in working order.

Yacht Maintenance


Yacht Maintenance - the Aquator way

The Aquator Marine toolkit makes tracking maintenance of your yacht's components efficient and easy to understand.

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