Assistance in Provisioning & Groceries

  • Packages as well as single items can be ordered at the time of booking, using our online ordering service or by talking to the Aquator Reservations Team.

  • If you’re chartering a yacht for the first time, then we highly recommend using one of our Partner Provisioning companies. The packages available in each ase may vary.

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Share lists 


  • Changes made to a shared list will show up instantly to everyone sharing the list ensuring alignment and preventing any confusion.

Organise your receipts


  • Aquator helps you organize your personal receipts and allows you to easily add receipts from other sources like your email.

Create smart lists


  • Suggests common items as you type and automatically groups items by category to help save time at the store.

Plan your shopping


  • Simply tap on ingredients to add them to your shopping list or plan for an entire week or month with our meal planning calendar.


Manage all your provisions

The offer of provisioning apps today is extensive. Aquator integrations can help with provisioning services and items which go far beyond just food and drinks. 


Schedule your meals evenly

Budget for your provisions and supplies smartly by using Aquator's in-application meal planning feature. 

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Budget smartly

Budget for your provisions and supplies smartly by using Aquator's in-application budgeting component.


Everything tracked and accounted for

Know exactly the price and quantity of the provisions and supplies you've ordered for all your trips in the past.