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Launch of PMS Module

SINGAPORE: We are excited to release our PMS, with features, functions & modes include the following.

Dashboard Get a comprehensive overview of planned maintenance tasks and schedules for your yacht, allowing users to easily track and manage their maintenance operations.

It offers real-time updates, alerts for upcoming deadlines, and detailed information on each task, enabling seamless coordination and efficient maintenance management.

Logs Enter your equipment's data while underway and record the readings at set intervals. Customize the entire process and view a history of readings with graphing.

Tasks Allocate crew members' tasks for all maintenance to be done onboard. Sync your tasks with equipment and inventory to get accurate reporting and statistics on scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.

Purchase Orders Create purchase orders from parts or inventory that need to be restocked, and send a purchase order directly to a supplier.

Chat Communicate effectively with all users involved with your PMS.

Equipment List all your vessel's equipment, differentiate between critical and non-critical equipment types, and view an entire task history for each piece of equipment.

Inventory Link inventory to certain tasks and pieces of equipment and allow the system to notify you when a part needs to be restocked. Manage your inventory with custom bar codes or QR codes.

Procedures Create a library of operating procedures for certain tasks and allow access to different users.

Storage Map out the storage onboard your vessel and allocate inventory parts to each storage location for ease of reference.

Categories Create custom categories for each task, to enhance reporting and analysis.

Suppliers Consolidate your list of preferred suppliers and contractors, and keep their information at hand always.

Users Sync users from the current crew or add additional users to collaborate on the PMS.

We're excited to simplify Yacht Management for everyone, through our software, education, and community.

Team Aquator


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