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Yacht Management

The Yacht Management module offers comprehensive tools for managing yacht operations, including chat, email, task tracking, and project progress monitoring.


  • Chat

  • Calendar

  • Task Tracker

  • Project Progress

Tailored For

  • Yacht captains and crew.

  • Yacht management companies.


  • Streamlines communication and task management.

  • Ensures efficient monitoring of project progress.

  • Centralizes yacht management activities in one platform.


The PMS module assists in the planning and tracking of maintenance tasks, equipment, inventory, and spare parts.


  • Planned Maintenance Tasks

  • Digital Logs

  • Equipment & Inventory

  • Category Indexing

Tailored For

  • Yacht engineers and maintenance teams.

  • Yacht owners wanting to ensure proactive maintenance.


  • Streamlines maintenance planning and tracking.

  • Helps manage inventory and spare parts efficiently.

  • Reduces downtime through proactive maintenance.


Charter Management

The Charter Management module streamlines charter operations, including reservation handling, guest profiles, and provisions.


  • Guest Profiles

  • Preference Sheets

  • Server Pager

  • Guest Board

Tailored For

  • Charter companies.

  • Yacht owners offering their vessels for charter.


  • Enhances reservation and booking management.

  • Improves guest profile and provision planning.

  • Provides a comprehensive solution for charter operations.

Smart Documents

The Smart Documents module simplifies the creation, management, and revision of digital forms and documents.


  • Digitize Any Documents

  • Document Management

  • Document Editor

  • Revision Control

Tailored For

  • Yacht administrators and document managers.

  • Yacht owners requiring organized document management.


  • Streamlines document creation and management.

  • Enhances the efficiency of digital form handling.

  • Simplifies the revision and storage of important documents.


The Reporting module provides tools for generating detailed reports from any data in the platform, helping in informed decision-making.


  • Generate Reports From Any Data

  • Create Custom Reports

  • Save Report Templates

  • Export in Multiple Formats

Tailored For

  • Yacht managers and administrators.

  • Yacht owners requiring detailed operational reports.


  • Simplifies the process of report generation.

  • Enhances decision-making with comprehensive data insights.

  • Provides customizable reporting options.

In/Out Board

The In/Out Board module allows you to manage the availability and location of all crew members, track daily check-ins, and generate reports.


  • Last In/Last Out Recording

  • Yacht Map Geo-Fencing

  • QR Enabled Registration

  • Reporting

Tailored For

  • Yacht captains and crew managers.

  • Larger yachts with multiple crew members.


  • Enhances crew management and scheduling.

  • Provides real-time updates on crew location and availability.

  • Generates detailed reports for better crew oversight.

Refit Management

The Refit Management module provides tools for managing refit projects, including work list creation, task tracking, and supervisor & yard review.


  • Dashboard

  • Task Tracker

  • Spreadsheet & Word Processor

  • Scrum Board & Gantt Chart 

Tailored For

  • Yacht refit project managers.

  • Shipyards and yacht owners involved in refit projects.



  • Enhances the organization and management of refit projects.

  • Facilitates clear communication between supervisors and the yard.

  • Improves tracking and progress of refit tasks.

Passage Planning

The Passage Planning module helps in planning and managing voyages, ensuring efficient and safe navigation.


  • Passage Preparation

  • Passage Plan

  • Passage Log

  • Power Usage & Fuel Management

Tailored For

  • Yacht captains and navigators.

  • Yacht owners undertaking long voyages.


  • Facilitates detailed passage planning.

  • Ensures safe and efficient navigation.

  • Enhances voyage management capabilities.


The ISM module ensures compliance with ISM regulations, including digital forms, audit trails, and deficiency reporting.


  • SMS Forms 

  • Drill Matrix

  • Certificate Tracking

  • Hours of Work & Rest

Tailored For

  • Yacht captains and safety officers.

  • Yacht management companies focused on regulatory compliance.


  • Facilitates compliance with international safety standards.

  • Provides tools for efficient safety management.

  • Enhances the ability to track and report deficiencies.

Fleet Tracker

The Fleet Tracker module helps in monitoring and managing multiple yachts, including real-time location tracking and fleet operations.


  • Track your Fleet with AIS

  • Customize Information

  • Weather Overlay

  • Route Optimization


Tailored For

  • Fleet managers and operators.

  • Yacht owners managing multiple vessels.


  • Provides real-time tracking of all yachts in the fleet.

  • Enhances fleet management capabilities.

  • Facilitates efficient monitoring of fleet operations.

Yacht Planner

The Yacht Planner module enables the uploading of GA plans, the creation of work lists, and provides a general overview of any project.


  • Upload Unlimited GA Plans

  • Edit & Annotate GA Plans

  • Wide Variety of Markers

  • Get an Overview of Any Project

Tailored For

  • Yacht project managers and planners.

  • Yacht owners overseeing large projects.


  • Facilitates detailed planning and project management.

  • Enhances the ability to track and manage work lists.

  • Provides a clear overview of project status.

Crew Management

The Crew Management module offers tools for managing crew information, leave schedules, payslips, and duty rosters.


  • Dashboard

  • Crew Profiles & IMO Crew Lists

  • Crew Board

  • Crew Scheduler

Tailored For

  • Yacht captains and HR managers.

  • Yacht owners with multiple crew members.


  • Streamlines crew information management.

  • Simplifies leave scheduling and payslip generation.

  • Enhances duty roster planning and management.



The Accounting module provides tools for managing financial operations, including dashboard views, expenditure tracking, and custom settings.


  • Dashboard

  • Sales Management

  • Purchase Management

  • Custom Settings

Tailored For

  • Yacht accountants and finance managers.

  • Yacht owners overseeing financial operations.


  • Streamlines financial management and tracking.

  • Provides comprehensive dashboard views for better oversight.

  • Customizable settings to fit specific financial needs.

Digital SMS

The Digital SMS module offers tools for creating, managing, and revising SMS forms, checklists, and documents.


  • Document Management

  • SMS Editor

  • Revision Control

  • Digital Forms & Checklists

Tailored For

  • Yacht safety officers.

  • Yacht owners and operators focused on safety management.


  • Streamlines the management of safety-related documents.

  • Enhances compliance with safety regulations.

  • Provides efficient tools for safety management and reporting.

New Build Management

The New Build Management module provides tools for managing yacht construction projects, including detailed tracking and task assignment.


  • Annotate on GA Plans

  • Build a PMS System from Scratch

  • Use Gantt Charts and Kaban Board

  • Track Allocate Tasks

Tailored For

  • Shipyards and yacht builders.

  • Yacht owners overseeing new construction projects.


  • Enhances the organization and management of new build projects.

  • Facilitates detailed tracking of construction tasks.

  • Improves communication and coordination among project stakeholders.


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