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Launch of Yacht Planner

SINGAPORE: We are pleased to announce the release of our Yacht Planner.

Manage your yacht efficiently and effectively by transforming yacht plans into a dynamic work list.

Upload an unlimited number of yacht plan images and use the editor to mark, tag or highlight items on the yacht plans directly.

You will be able to visualise and manage everything directly on the respective yacht plans, marker data grid or hybrid view of each marker independently.

The editor contains the following features:

  • 10 marker types

  • Move, resize, and rotate markers

  • Change colours and styles

  • Inline or popup editing

  • Crop & rotate images

  • Aspect ratio control

  • Zoom-to-crop

  • Straightening control

  • Mouse, touch, pen

Categories refit, maintenance, equipment, provisioning and safety-related items or tasks on the data grid and manage everything in one place!

The Yacht Planner module is incorporated in the Yacht Pro, Charter Management & Refit & Maintenance Management solutions.

We're excited to simplify Yacht Management for everyone, through our software, education, and community.

Team Aquator


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