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The Evolution of Recruitment in the Yachting Industry

SINGAPORE: Years ago, dock walking was the recommended approach for getting a first yachting job, but today, internet services and Facebook groups serve the same purpose. Moreover, there are several advantages to applying online, including the fact that it is far easier, requires much less time, and is much cheaper, making these technologies and innovations increasingly prevalent in recruitment processes, especially in the yachting industry.

Owners desire on-board help accessible on land, and many specialist enterprises are working hard to meet their needs. However, regardless of how much their owners like them, yachts have unique challenges in keeping up with rapid technological improvements.

Furthermore, matching systems are essential to how businesses identify new talents. The matchmaking process presents itself as follows: as one of the most labour-intensive processes in modern organizations, it can be assisted by automating the tedious efforts involved in recruitment, perhaps changing the game forever.

Currently, there are job platforms that help to simplify the recruitment process. However, nowadays, a large part of such platforms are not using innovative technology, which as a result makes the recruitment process more efficient and assigns competent crew members with adequate characteristics that encourage good morale and boost employee retention.

Dockendo is a revolutionary platform with matching algorithms technology that helps to connect agencies and yacht owners to find crew and manage the hiring process by standardizing profiles, observing the self-presentation of candidates with a video CV function, adding work references, conducting soft-skills assessments, as well as filtering and displaying the most accurate crew through data-driven technology.

On this platform, you can check each candidate's soft-skills assessments. Why is it so valuable? The result provides a comprehensive perspective of each candidate and the facts you need to have more confidence in, as it's essential to know how a person can bear homesickness.

Based on this outcome, it's crucial to care about each candidate's mental health, as it might tremendously impact the rest of the crew onboard.

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Media Contact:

Jhon Suarez

Marketing Manager

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