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Launch of Affiliate & Referral Program

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

17 May 2021

SINGAPORE: We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Affiliate and Referral Program!

As a Yacht Management Software company with the necessary marketing and sales tools to scale our affiliate's profits. Our Affiliate program provides optimised and attractive advertising materials and regular yacht-related updates, including constant topics to create affiliate posts and articles.

Becoming an Aquator Partner is easy and convenient. To join our Affiliate program, simply create an account on our afíliate program. Once we receive your request, we'll send you our fact sheet & creatives so you can publish quality content and earn money for every acquired user.

Additionally, by joining our Aquator's Referral program Marketing togetherl:

  • Acquire more customers

  • Make smart decisions

  • Scale together

  • Boost engagement rates

Please, click here to register to Become an Affiliate & Referral Partner.


Aquator Marine - provides innovative and dynamic Yacht Management Software to transform how to manage yacht-related activities in a fully configurable, collaborative and digitally secure web and mobile application.

Aquator is designed for yacht owners, captains, crew and yacht charter companies to support complex yacht workflows. The application allows for personalization so you can make requests, plan projects, assign tasks and collaborate to track progress and more.

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