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Pete Goss’s lessons learned from two and a half years sailing around the world

(Article originally published by yachtingworld.com)

Pete Goss has decided to change his voyaging plans and sail nearer to home. Here he reflects on what he’s learned from two and a half years of cruising

After two and a half years and over 17,000 miles of cruising from the UK to the Caribbean and the US east coast, we are often asked what we have learned. The truth is that, thanks to lots of reading, videos and generous advice, we have affirmed as much as we’ve learned.

If the call of the sea beats in your heart, embrace it and spread your wings while you can. In our case, changing family circumstances means that sailing across the Pacificis now one step too far. We need to be closer to home and have decided to sell our lovely Garcia 45 Exploration, Pearl, downsize and explore Europe on a seasonal basis. We could never stop cruising; our plans just need to adapt.

And that’s the nub of it: cut your cloth to suit your time, budget, family, work, sailing experience and inclination. Not long ago, we found ourselves anchored with a couple who had set out for a year and are still cruising decades later.

Within a tight radius there was the happiest of weekend cruisers, a liveaboard family and another couple who prefer six months on and six months off. For us it was a window of opportunity that we jumped into with both feet to discover one of the most life-affirming things we have done.

Immediate family have shared the adventure during their holidays and that quality time with them has offset our absence from home. Long distance cruising doesn’t need to mean cleaving of family bonds. We have a website, and WhatsApp has proved to be a lifeline.

While it’s fine for visitors to book continental flights well ahead, the final destination is decided a week out. Local logistics are far safer, faster and more flexible than beating into a headwind.