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Partnership Announcement: LJ Logbooks

SINGAPORE: Aquator Marine and LJ eLogbooks are pleased to announce their partnership to offer a comprehensive yacht management solution for yacht owners, captains, and yacht managers.

Aquator Marine, a leading provider of yacht management software, and L.J Yacht & Commercial Services, a respected name in yacht logbook management, have teamed up to offer a suite of products and services that will streamline yacht management and improve efficiency.

Through this partnership, yacht owners and captains will have access to a range of tools and services, including:

● Aquator Marine’s state-of-the-art yacht management software, which provides real-time data on yacht performance, maintenance status, and more.

● LJ eLogbooks’ cloud-based logbook management system, which allows for easy and accurate record-keeping of all yacht custom and regulatory logbook entries.

● Integration of the two systems, allowing for seamless data sharing and interpretation, and reducing the risk of errors and duplicate data entry.

Commenting on the partnership, Liz Jackson (Founder of LJ eLogbooks) said, “Digital logbooks are very much the future for the yachting industry. I am excited to be partnering with Aquator to bring the eLogbooks platform to a wider audience and this collaboration allows vessels the ability to create, manage, edit and store all logbook data in the cloud on one platform. Through this collaboration, all users have the ability to perform all vessel management tasks in one easy platform.”

“We are excited to partner with LJ eLogbooks to offer our customers a comprehensive solution to manage their yachts,” said Gerben Visser, CEO of Aquator Marine. “By combining our industry-leading yacht management software with LJ eLogbooks expertise in logbook management, we are confident that we can provide our customers with a seamless and efficient yacht management experience.”

The partnership between Aquator Marine and LJ eLogbooks underscores their commitment to innovation and excellence in the yacht management industry. By offering a comprehensive solution that combines industry-leading software and expertise, they are poised to become leaders in the yacht management space. Initially, both companies will provide each-other with referrals, partnership and integration.

About LJ eLogbooks

LJ Yacht & Commercial Services was founded by Liz Jackson back in 2009, which brought paper logbooks both custom and generic to life for the maritime industry. Having worked in the industry since 2001, Liz had first-hand knowledge of the industry and the requirements of clients. eLogbooks was born out of desire from both clients and technological advancements in offering a modern alternative to traditional paper logbooks. eLogbooks provides vessels a secure, 21st century solution for yacht data recording, with multiple benefits including remote audits, custom reporting, and an offline solution, all backed up with full end to end encryption.

Media Contact: Liz Jackson (Founder),

About Aquator Marine

Aquator Marine was founded based on the belief that the power of yacht software is becoming increasingly more essential to yacht management. Accurate, timely and available information is critical to the safety, operability, and longevity of a yacht. Moreover, in business, we need to make informed decisions. At Aquator, we believe the same principles apply to yacht management and we, therefore, believe there is a better way. Our mission is to revolutionize the way people manage their yachts in a safer, more cost-effective and interactive way. We combined our passions, interests, and expertise in yachting, entrepreneurship, and technology to develop Yacht Software solutions.

Media Contact: Gerben Visser (Founder & Ceo),

We're excited to simplify Yacht Management for everyone, through our software, education, and community.

Team Aquator


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