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Launch of SMS Documents

SINGAPORE: We are pleased to announce the launch of our SMS Documents module.

This dynamic tool has been developed to radically alter safety procedures, document management, and collaboration in the yachting industry, bringing them firmly into the digital age.

The Smart Documents module transcends the limitations of typical digitization tools. It's a comprehensive solution that dramatically changes how you create, manage, and collaborate on any document.

Whether it's ISM forms, charter preference sheets, contracts, or checklists, Smart Documents is your first step towards a paperless yacht management system, thereby enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

However, the transformative power of Smart Documents truly shines in its reimagining of SMS management. Our innovative tool eliminates the need for physical printouts of checklists, documents, or forms, effectively revolutionizing the way safety management operates onboard yachts.

At its core, the SMS, powered by Smart Documents, houses several integral features, all tailored to simplify and streamline your document management process:

Dashboard This hub provides a panoramic view of all ongoing document activities, allowing you to monitor progress and identify bottlenecks effectively.

Editor A robust tool that allows for the creation and alteration of any digital document as per your unique requirements. You can generate documents from scratch or modify existing templates to meet specific needs.

Index This user-friendly navigation feature ensures quick access to your stored documents, saving you the hassle of sifting through endless folders and files.

Library This feature emulates a well-organized physical library, allowing you to upload and store crucial PDF documents, but without the associated clutter and space limitations.

Templates This tool facilitates the creation of reusable digital templates, drastically reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks. Any modifications made to these templates are diligently tracked in revision control.

Documents This repository neatly stores all completed templates, logging essential details such as categories and statuses. It offers a concise and organized summary of your SMS activities, thereby simplifying audits and record-keeping.

Moreover, to ensure an uncluttered user experience, we've differentiated operational documents from the SMS, presenting a clean, easy-to-navigate interface that improves productivity.

Switching to a fully digital SMS brings about numerous benefits. It significantly improves efficiency, reduces the risk of errors, streamlines workflows, and enhances document control. Moreover, it supports the global drive towards sustainability by drastically cutting down on paper usage.

Our SMS Documents feature is not just a digital tool; it's a transformative step towards a more modern, efficient, and sustainable yacht management system. It's a complete solution designed to address yacht managers' and crew's challenges while managing their Safety Management Systems.

We're excited to simplify Yacht Management for everyone, through our software, education, and community.

Team Aquator


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