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Launch of ISM Module

SINGAPORE: We are pleased to announce the launch of our ISM module solution!

The solution enables you to manage your vessel or fleet's ISM in the easiest and most efficient way, all in one place.

The ISM Module includes the following features to make managing the safety onboard your vessel simple and convenient:

  • ISM Forms

  • Drill Matrix

  • Certificate Tracking

  • Hours of Work & Rest

ISM Forms

Generate reports from the data you've inputted into the application or we can digitize users' current ISM forms and provide an opportunity to create custom templates.

Drill Matrix

Have a menu item for drills so that you can easily manage your drill matrix and drill reports.

Certificate and Document Tracking

Have the ability to upload all vessel and crew certifications and get notified when a certificate is expired, near expiry, or should be renewed.

Hours of Work and Rest

Easy to use application that complies with MLC standards.

Team Aquator


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