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Eco-Friendly Yacht Expeditions are Making the Hobby More Appealing to Younger Tourists

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

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The world has become a lot more concerned about sustainability than ever before. This is one of the biggest trends shaping the travel industry.

A recent poll by found that 69% of Americans feel sustainable tourism is important. The growing demand for sustainability has made some travel activities, such as traditional yachting, less appealing. However, a new approach to eco-friendly yachting is helping make it more attractive to younger, eco-friendly tourists.

As anew wave of superyachts have come on board in recent years, with significant advances in sustainability, the world’s oceans are reaping the benefits. In addition to innovations providing greater efficiency, reduced emissions and less noise and vibration, these yachts are also assisting in the exploration of the sea — and specifically, mapping of the ocean floor.

Robb Report wrote about the shift towards sustainable yachting recently.

“The superyacht industry has made strides, great and small, in the last five years to become a global eco-player. Hybrids are becoming increasingly common, giant boats such as the 600-foot REV Ocean are doubling as mobile research vessels and the most forward-looking builders are experimenting with zero-fossil-fuel propulsion—from full solar to kite sails to sci-fi-level converters that create instant, renewable electric power,” writes Robb Report author Julia Zaltzman.

Part of the reason yachting is more sustainable is that we have a better understanding of the geography of the ocean, which ensures yachts can travel more efficiently. Thanks to the work of an international team of experts that began in 2017, a nonprofit was established to undertake, for the first time, a comprehensive map of the oceans. To date, just 20 percent of the ocean floor has been mapped, but scientists hope to complete the task of mapping the entire ocean floor in 10 years. This leads to less wasted gas, which makes yachts eco-friendlier. They can make eco-friendlier yacht charters to places like the Greek Islands.

To this end, a range of vessels, from fishing boats to superyachts, are signing on to help. By attaching the necessary data equipment to their sonar and navigation systems, yacht expeditions are doing their part to help the planet by partnering with the organizations leading this effort, including the International Hydrographic Organization in Monaco.