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Best boating products of 2021: The hot list

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

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What are the top new designs to look out for in 2021? We preview some of the most exciting gear and yacht launches.

2020 has seen many new boating products come onto the market, despite the difficulties seen throughout the year, here’s our Yachting World roundup of the 11 best boating products of 2021.

Our extraordinary 2020 finished with no METS equipment show – where the annual DAME awards take place – and the unsurprising announcement that the world’s largest indoor boat show in Düsseldorf was postponed until April. But the lack of trade shows didn’t mean a lack of awards for impressive kit and DAME winners were still duly selected.

TEMO 450

DAME overall winner

Sometimes when you see new products, however clever, you wonder what problem they were designed to solve. Not so with the TEMO. The DAME jury was unanimous in voting this new electric outboard engine product the outright winner.

The French company behind this well thought-out, cleverly designed product has come up with an ingenious solution-based idea.

It is also great to see that small, start-up companies are still able to invent new ideas and bring them to market, even in such a difficult year. During the height of the pandemic, the company managed to raise €600,000 to bring this to market, continued their R&D over the summer and, since actively marketing the TEMO this autumn, has sold over 300 units.

The TEMO is perhaps best likened to an electric sculling oar, or a mini version of the longtail boat engines in Thailand. It is part oar, part electric outboard and it’s so ingenious that when you first see it, you wonder why it hasn’t been done before.