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Track your fleet with AIS data, get weather overlays, and optimize your routes.


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Our vision for the Fleet AIS Tracker is to develop a module that seamlessly integrates with the Automatic Identification System (AIS), as well as across all mobile devices providing a cross-platform experience. 

Its purpose is not just to elevate efficiency in managing a yacht from the different stakeholders involved, but also to harness the power of AIS data to offer enhanced real-time tracking, maritime safety, and operational productivity.

Equipped with distinctive features such as Hybrid Map View, Customizable Table View, Historical Tracking, Area and Location Zoning as well as the potential for full weather overlays which are tailored to address industry-specific challenges.

The Fleet AIS Tracker intends to serve various roles within the sector, including captains, crew, yacht managers, charter managers, yacht agents, shipyards, refit facilities, and after-sales service providers. 

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Hybrid View
Designed to enhance user experience and information accessibility. It combines the benefits of both map and list views in a single, comprehensive display, providing users with a dual perspective of their fleet movements.

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Fleet View
View a tabulated breakdown of detailed fleet data. This can include information such as vessel name, speed, heading, destination, ETA, and other vital statistics. This layout offers a quick, comprehensive overview of all vessels' statuses and is particularly helpful for tracking specific vessel details, comparisons, or analysis over time.

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Yacht View
View a breakdown for each yacht within your fleet. View data such as Static AIS data, Voyage AIS data and also be able to create custom columns in a table where you can put information such as contact info, captain name, management company etc.

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Historical Data
Designed to give a thorough understanding of a yacht's past routes and behaviors. This invaluable tool provides a map view of past tracks, offering comprehensive and easily accessible insights to support informed decision-making and operational planning.

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Zoning This tool allows you to define specific geographical areas or "zones" that hold particular significance for your fleet operations. These zones could be anything from marinas, high-traffic areas, restricted areas, popular destinations, or zones of charter areas.

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Weather Overlay
Access interactive weather visualizations layered on our Fleet AIS Tracker base maps for radar, satellite data, temperature and more. View forecast data, and turn various data layers on and off.

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Weather Forecasting
Forecast weather patterns in a specific location as well as along your current voyage. Gain real time access to the latest synoptic charts and radar weather forecasts detailing all relevant maritime weather metrics.

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