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Start Guide to our Affiliate Program!

Everything you need to know, such as setting up your account, promoting our product, commission rates and FAQ's.


Setting up Account

Our affiliate portal is managed by software called Impact.


Your Impact dashboard has everything you need to start promoting — such as your unique tracking link and creative assets.

How to access your dashboard

The login link to your Post Affiliate Pro dashboard is in your Aquator affiliate acceptance email. If you haven’t received the email or need help accessing your dashboard, you can get in touch with affiliate


In your affiliate application, the details you’ve provided for your personal information were collected for your finance set up.


Before you can receive payment for your commissions, you’ll need to fill in your financial details.

Completing your finance set up


Getting to know your dashboard

The dashboard might seem overwhelming, but fear not, it’s simple once you get the hang of it.


Here’s a rundown of the basics.

How Aquator affiliate links work

Every Aquator affiliate receives a unique tracking link. Once clicked, this creates “cookies”, digital files stored in the user’s browser for a 30-day period.


If you purchase a Aquator subscription within this window, this will be traced back to your tracking link and you’ll be paid a commission.

Find your unique link in your Impact dashboard under the text Copy this link and use it whenever you talk about Aquator. You can also access your unique link at the left hand corner of the page.

How do you create deep links?

You can also promote Aquator using deep links. These are URLs that send the customer directly to sub-pages for the product you’re promoting. They typically result in a better conversion rate because they allow you to be more targeted in your advertising.


In Aquator’s case, these deep links redirect to some of our specific features for example Videos, Pricing, Facebook Posts or Instagram Stories.

 Create a deep link:


1. Select Ads from your top navigation bar

2. Click Ads and links

3. Under actions, select Get code.

4. Under the ad name, you can check if you can deep link with this ad—as this isn’t available for all ad types.

5. Under Tracking link, select Customize code.

6. Select Send traffic from this ad to a specific landing page

7. Select Generate custom code

8. Select the link, copy it, and paste it into the code of your ad.

Tip: Impact has a handy Deep Link plug-in, which makes finding and creating deep links much easier! 

Choosing your Aquator marketing materials

In your dashboard, you’ll find a range of pre-approved creative assets like graphics or videos creatives which you can use to promote Aquator.


These range from banners you can display on your website to static ads you can post on your social media page. 


Where to find your creative assets

You can find an extensive catalog of our creative assets in the Find an Ad to Promote tab. 


You can also find all of our creative assets inside this Google Drive folder. Save a copy of this folder to your own Google Drive account and you’ll be able to quickly grab your assets whenever you need them.

Questions to keep in mind when picking out Ads:

1. What Aquator features are most relevant to your community?


2. What kind of visuals work best for them?


3. What platform are you using to promote Aquator?

How to customize your ads

You can now personalize Aquator ads with our exclusive collection of affiliate ad templates.

You can customize and localize these to suit all your promotional needs.

Having trouble finding the right ad template? Got an awesome idea for a new Aquator campaign?

Commission payouts

Our commission structure caters to everyone’s needs. The payment you receive for each commission depends on what actions users take and when. 

Sign-up completed: This is when a user signs up for a free, premium, pro or refit management plan using their email, Facebook or Goolge account.

Trial upgrade: For the premium and pro plan a user has a 14-day free trial period.

Subscription charged: This is when a user upgrades from a trial to a paid subscription. It’s also when you will receive your commission!


Commission structure: Is as follows;


  • Earn commission for any sale of a premium plan or pro plan, plus any additional users under an account paid by the account user at sign up.

  • Earn a 15% one-time commission of the annually billed amount.

  • Earn an additional monthly performance bonus;

  • Affiliates that drive 5 or more conversions will earn an extra 5%.

  • Affiliates that drive 10 or more conversions will earn an extra 10%.

  • Affiliates that drive 15 or more conversions will earn an extra 20%.

  • The monthly performance bonus is calculated over the total monthly conversions.

  • Earned commissions for the month, will get paid out by the end of next month.

Check out our Ad Templates!

Become an Affiliate Partner!

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